North Wales
Neighbourhood Watch
Gwarchod Y

Membership of NWNWA is open to anybody living in the North Wales Police Force area or having an interest in the area.  There are no membership fees and although we encourage you to get involved in local and regional Neighbourhood Watch schemes, there is no obligation to do so.
At the moment, we do not have a facility to pass information to the national database so if you want to join us, please visit the national registration page, there is a link to do this below. 
Start by entering your Post Code, this will report any local schemes already operating in your locality which you may consider joining. 
Even if there are no schemes nearby, you are still welcome to join and if you have like minded neighbours, you could even form a new group, with our help, if you wanted to.  The link to become a member is at the bottom of the page, click 'Join' and follow the simple registration process.
When you entered your address details, the system will automatically map you inside the boundary of the North Wales Association.
Click here to go to the national Neighbourhood Watch web site
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